Innovate teaching and learning at your institution!

Whether making the first steps towards online education, or planning a campus-wide innovation implementation, make our flexible and affordable instructional design and faculty support services part of your strategy!

What We Do

We work with colleges and universities in the US, as well as individual faculty, to improve higher education experience through innovative teaching and the use of academic technology. We offer a flexible and affordable approach to:

  • Develop online courses and programs

  • Conduct evaluation and alignment of content and learning objectives

  • Improve accessibility of digital content to students with disabilities 

  • Provide quality professional development to faculty and staff

  • Research, select and implement instructional technology

  • Train and support faculty in teaching with technology

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Use Cases

Our target customer base is colleges and universities that do not have their own centers for teaching and learning, as well as those that do, but may have specific needs to supplement existing services. The use cases may include:

  • A short-term need for staffing with a particular skill set, such as during implementation of instructional technology or related projects;

  • A need for topic-specific seminars or workshops;

  • Help developing online resources for on-demand faculty development offerings, such as courses, tutorials, blog posts, etc.;

  • Help developing online and hybrid courses for expanding programs;

  • Providing temporary staffing solutions to short-staffed teams (e.g. when looking to hire in the near future);

  • A need for extended evening or weekend hours.

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